AMA SipSip

Ama SipSip Milk Maheu

A tantalising blend of the creamiest milk, maize product and the freshest flavours is used to create the ultimate energy food drink experience. This blend of milk and great flavours like strawberries, buttermilk or vanilla custard merge to create an exciting mix for your drinking pleasure. With so much variety, there is plenty to experience and explore. Choose from any of the enticing flavours that make the perfect meal on-the-go.

Available in 4 flavours:

Ama SipSip Plain Maheu Maize Drinks

A unique, traditional energy drink from a blend of the freshest maize product. Best served cold, Ama SipSip makes for a delicious refreshment and healthy drink combined with a texture and smoothness that only Ama SipSip can give. Our traditional maheu is presented in a variety of distinct flavours. Its distinctive flavour and smoothness has made it a favourite satisfying healthy drink..

Available in 4 flavours: