About Us

From humble beginnings in 2016, Dairy Gold has become one of the largest Dairy-Based Beverage manufacturers in Zambia. The Dairy Gold ideology of “Eat Well. Drink Well. Feel Good” reflects its commitment to innovative products and dairy-based beverage solutions that meet the needs of not only Zambian consumers but the needs of Southern Africa from urban centers to the remotest villages.

Our Vision

To be the leading Dairy-Based Beverage manufacturer in

Our Mission

To produce world-class Dairy-Based Beverages from a quality and innovations perspective.

Our Purpose

To provide the market with high-quality Dairy-Based Beverages at an affordable price.

Our Promise

We continually strive to offer only the best nutritional valued products through innovation & technology.

Our Strengths

Intangible Assets R&D

Capabilities & intellectual property such as Trademarks.

Financial Resource

Cash & Equity to invest for the long term – Reinvestment of profits & organic growth.


Top talent of the industry developed within the organization who contribute their skills and purpose to our business.

Tangible Assets

Physical assets such as world-class manufacturing facility, machinery, logistics, and office facilities as well as our vehicle fleet and stock.

Stakeholders & Partners

Have Strong relationships with vendors, fast food chains, governments, and other organizations to drive change.

Brand Equity

Well-established brand equity, resulting in a high level of trust & confidence in consumers within Zambia & beyond.

Our Categories